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Season 3 Not Available in Hindi

Season 3 Book Three: Fire

English Dubbed Episodes of Season 3

Avatar E41 The Awakening (English)

Avatar E42 The Headband (English)

Avatar E43 The Painted Lady (English)

Avatar E44 Sokkas Master (English)

Avatar E45 The Beach (English)

Avatar E46 The Avatar and the Firelord (English)

Avatar E47 The Runaway (English)

Avatar E48 The Puppetmaster (English)

Avatar E49 Nightmares and Daydreams (English)

Avatar E50 The Day of Black Sun Part 1 The Invasion (English)

Avatar E51 The Day of Black Sun Part 2 The Eclipse (English)

Avatar E52 The Western Air Temple (English)

Avatar E53 The Firebending Masters (English)

Avatar E54 The Boiling Rock Part 1 (English)

Avatar E55 The Boiling Rock Part 2 (English)

Avatar E56 The Southern Raiders (English)

Avatar E57 The Ember Island Players (English)

Avatar E58 Sozins Comet Part 1 The Phoenix King (English)

Avatar E59 Sozins Comet Part 2 The Old Masters (English)

Avatar E60 Sozins Comet Part 3 Into the Inferno (English)

Avatar E61 Sozins Comet Part 4 Avatar Aang (English)